Cast Of "The Faculty" Stands And Delivers About Pink Floyd Cover

While David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has told fans not to expect anything new from the group until some time after the millennium, a new rendition of Floyd's classic anti-school anthem, "Another Brick in the Wall," can be heard on the soundtrack of the new teen sci-fi thriller, "The Faculty."

As we previously reported (see "Layne Staley, Tom Morello, Others Cover Pink Floyd For Soundtrack; Offspring, Shawn Mullins, More Contribute"), ex-Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley hooked up with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and the former Porno for Pyros rhythm section of drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Martyn LeNoble to record the track, which several of "The Faculty" cast raved about during a recent interview with MTV.

"That's awesome," said Elijah Wood of the updated version of "Brick in the Wall." "[It's a] perfect song to cover for the film as well. I'm a big fan of, like Tom Morello, Layne Staley -- [I'm a]

big Alice in Chains fan as well. And Stephen Perkins, I mean [he's from] Jane's Addiction. Classic people. It's great."

"Once they hear it," added actor Shawn Wayne Hatosy, "once they see what's going on, I think they'll really like it."

"I think what is key as well in this whole thing is that Pink Floyd doesn't let a lot of people cover their material," Wood continued, "They're really choosy about that. So the fact that [Pink Floyd] let them cover this song is, it's something they approve of. That's something."

"The Faculty" opened on Christmas Day and the Robert Rodriguez directed film has grossed more than $11.5 million to date, while you can catch the video for "Another Brick in the Wall" currently in rotation on MTV.