Alice In Chains Ready To Unleash "Music Bank"

Earlier this summer, Alice In Chains fans got a quick fix of new material when the band released "Nothing Safe." The single CD, which contained hits, album tracks, and other odds and ends, offered a brand-new song, "Get Born Again," and served as a teaser for the band's long-promised box set.

Now fans can get ready for the big kahuna. On October 26, the box set, titled "Music Bank," will be hitting stores. The collection will include 48 songs on three CDs and will contain previously released material, rare B-sides, demos, remixes, and never-before-heard live recordings.

Also included will be "Died," the second of two new AIC songs recorded specifically for the box set (see "Alice In Chains To Release New Single, Box Set Sampler"). The first, "Get Born Again," is also included on "Music Bank."

The set will also contain a multimedia disc featuring a CD-ROM game called "The Journey," as well as videos, interview

clips, and other bonus material.

The box set takes its title from The Music Bank, a warehouse-turned-rehersal studio where the original members of the band (guitarist Jerry Cantrell, singer Layne Staley, drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Starr, who was later replaced by Mike Inez) rehearsed and lived in during AIC's early days, and which Staley used to manage in the late '80s.

There is currently no word on when the band plans to work together again, but a representative from Columbia Records told MTV News that guitarist Jerry Cantrell is beginning to work on his second solo album, the follow-up to last year's "Boggy Depot."

Here's the complete track list to "Music Box":

Disc 1:

  • "Get Born Again"
  • "I Can't Have You Blues" (unreleased demo)
  • "Whatcha Gonna Do" (unreleased demo)
  • "Social Parasite" (unreleased demo)
  • "Queen Of The Rodeo" (live, previously unreleased)
  • "Bleed The Freak" (unreleased demo)
  • "Killing Yourself"

    (unreleased demo)

  • "Head Creeps"
  • "God Am"
  • "Frogs"
  • "Heaven Beside You"
  • "Nutshell" (unplugged)
  • "The Killer Is Me" (unplugged)
  • "Over Now" (unplugged)
  • "Died"