Alice In Chains To Go "Live"

Alice In Chains hasn't played live in over four years, and ardent fans will be able to look back at what they've been missing when the Seattle rockers release a live retrospective on December 5.

The album, tentatively titled "Live," is currently being mixed by the band's longtime producer, Toby Wright.

Sources close to the project told MTV News that the 15-song CD will cover three major performance periods in the group's career. The band's early days will be represented by a 1990 concert at Seattle's Moore Theatre that was made available on the home video "Live Facelift." The show featured the band's first bassist, Mike Starr. Next up are recordings from a 1993 show in Glasgow, Scotland, which was captured by BBC's Radio One. The third segment covers the band's last concert appearance, opening for Kiss in Kansas City in July, 1996.

Only two of the 15 performances on the collection have been previously released on CD. "Rooster," from the Glasgow show,

appeared on "Nothing Safe: Best Of The Box." A version of "Queen Of The Rodeo," recorded in Dallas in 1991 and featured on "Music Bank," will also be included. Both collections were issued last year (see "Alice In Chains Ready To Unleash 'Music Bank'").

The album will be AIC's first "plugged-in" live LP. The group released an "MTV Unplugged" album in 1996.

As for the current status of Alice In Chains, the band remains on an open-ended hiatus. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell has been working on a follow-up to his 1998 solo album, "Boggy Depot," while drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez have teamed up with former Queensrÿche guitarist Chris DeGarmo (who also played in Cantrell's live band) to record demos for a potential project. Singer Layne Staley has remained musically inactive since the group recorded two new tracks, "Get Born Again" and "Died," for "Music Bank."