Tommy Lee, Christina Aguilera Chat About Pre-Presentation Butterflies

As expected, rocker Tommy Lee was joined by a beautiful blonde during the telecast of 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, but it wasn't only by his on-again, off-again flame, Pamela Anderson Lee.

After Pamela and Tommy were seen smooching it up during the pre-show festivities, Lee was joined by young vixen Christina Aguilera to present the award for Best Rock Video, which Korn took home for "Freak On A Leash."

After handing out the award, MTV News sat down with Lee and Aguilera backstage, and the two talked about how they kept their butterflies in check while they faced the crowd at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

"We were really nervous at first," Lee admitted.

"We were really nervous at first," Aguilera agreed, "but then [you're up there, and] it's over like that."

"I talked her down,"

Lee said of his calming influence on the teen singer. "I talked her down. I was like, 'It's okay, it's okay.'"

"He helped me," Aguilera agreed. "He's more experienced than I am.... And we just met, and I was too shy to introduce myself. He was first. He was like, 'Hi, I'm Tommy. Nice to meet you.'"

"I could tell,"
Lee said. "I could tell she was shy. She's cute. [The VMAs] are so cool, and I love coming to these things, but I wanna play. I wanna rock the house." [RealVideo]

Tommy Lee told MTV News that he's looking forward to possibly rocking the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards with his new project, Methods of Mayhem, which will release its debut album this fall.

As for Christina Aguilera, the singer is still holding strong at number two with her self-titled debut record, and in November she plans to head out on the

road in support of TLC.

-- David Basham