Afghan Whigs Greg Dulli Recovering From Head Injury

Afghan Whigs singer Greg Dulli was hospitalized in intensive care early Saturday morning following an altercation at an Austin bar.

The band had just performed at the sold-out, 1200-seat Liberty Lunch when Dulli fought with a member of the club's crew. The Austin American-Statesman quotes Whigs bassist John Curley as saying Dulli suffered a skull fracture in the incident.

The Dallas Morning News reported that an emergency medical team had responded to a call that said Dulli had been "knocked to ground, hit his head and was awake but not alert." Dulli, 31, was listed as being in good condition, Sunday. The hospital would not release any details, but posts on the band's official website indicated that Dulli had been moved to a private room and was recognizing visitors.

Curley told the Austin paper that the disturbance began Friday evening when bandmembers arrived at the club for a sound check and began knocking loudly on the front door, which was locked. A stagehand and

several other club employees who answered the door were allegedly upset that the band had knocked so loud, and angry words were exchanged. The bad feelings continued throughout the course of the night and erupted in a brief scuffle between Dulli and the stagehand at approximately 2:15 a.m. local time. Dulli reportedly fell backward and struck his head on the concrete floor of the club.

The Afghan Whigs canceled performances Saturday in Dallas, Sunday in New Orleans and Monday in Atlanta. The status of the other shows on the tour remains unclear. We'll keep you posted.