Aerosmith Back To The Video Grind

Jan. 28 [18:00 EST] -- Aerosmith will dust off their stage garb and once again strut their stuff when they convene in Los Angeles next week to shoot the first video from their upcoming album, "Nine Lives."

The rock veterans will team with director Michael Bay (who handled last year's Sean Connery/Nicholas Cage vehicle "The Rock") for what should be a big-budget, high-impact clip for "Falling in Love is So Hard On the Knees".

Aerosmith also plans to launch an 18-month world tour this May, starting in Europe and hitting the U.S. in July.

While the band is happy to discuss these new projects, they have no comment on "Dream On," a new tell-all book by Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler (the first wife of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler). Foxe-Tyler is also the mother of Mia, Liv Tyler's younger half-sister. Foxe-Tyler was married to Tyler for nine years, and the new author claims that Tyler battled drug problems, beat her, and cheated on her during their marriage.


says that she wrote the book "because my alimony statement is $252.08 a week form a guy who just sold his song publishing for something like $34 million. Excuse me for being resentful."