Warren G, Aerosmith To Release Enhanced CDs

March 14 [18:00 EST] -- In the next two weeks, Warren G and Aerosmith will join the growing ranks of artists who are releasing enhanced CDs. Many artists are almost nonchalant about the interactive capabilities their CDs (witness the latest effort from Squirrel Nut Zippers), but Aerosmith and Warren G are proudly trumpeting their forays into this relatively new field.

"Aerosmith has always been on the cutting edge of new technology that bring fans closer to the heart of the music experience," frontman Steven Tyler declared in a press release.

When the band's "Nine Lives" hits stores on March 18, fans will not only get a new slew of songs, they will also get the opportunity to plug in and play "virtual guitar" or "virtual drums" along with the album's tracks. An on-screen guide will teach fans how to play specific cuts form the album, or users can record their own guitar and drum tracks, among other ambitious features.

Meanwhile, when Warren G's sophomore release

"Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)" hits on March 25, fans will get a virtual look at the man, not the music. The enhanced CD promises to give users a look into a day in the life of the rapper, complete with lunch with Warren, some quality time at the mixing board, and a trip to the record store to buy CDs with Mr. G.

"This is one of the few enhanced CDs that has complete participation from the artist," according to Darrell Gunn, the disc's producer, who also serves as director of new media at Def Jam Records. "Warren G is a big part of this project, not just information about him and photos. He's actually right there talking to the user, interacting with the user."