Aerosmith Clashes With Video Director

May 27 [7:55 EDT] -- One of the great rock video marriages of the 90s has hit the rocks.

On Thursday, Aerosmith was sued for nearly half a million dollars by Marty Callner, the man who directed 13 videos for the band, including the MTV Video Music Award-winning clips "Crazy," "Crying," "Living on the Edge," and "Love in an Elevator."

Callner claims that Aerosmith hired him to do a video, and then fired him without covering his expenses. In court papers, Callner says he began work on the video for "Hole in my Soul," the second single from the band's "Nine Lives" album, and ran up $150,000 in preparation expenses.

The video director goes on to claim that he was fired by the band's manager, Wendy Layster, because after a month of work, Aerosmith didn't like his concept for the clip. Callner says that Layster changed his concept for the video without telling the band.

Responding to Callner's claims, Layster says that the director never revised his concept to

the band's satisfaction, and that all of his legitimate expenses will be reimbursed.

Meanwhile, the show (or the shoot) went on, and the non-Callner directed "Hole in my Soul" video debuted Monday on MTV.