Aerosmith Talks About Video Director's Lawsuit

May 28 [7:55 EDT] -- As we reported yesterday, Aerosmith has been sued for roughly half a million dollars by veteran video director Marty Callner, the director behind the highly successful Alicia Silverstone/Aerosmith clips that brought the band back into the limelight.

"It just worked out that way, you know, and certain things didn't work out," Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry told MTV News recently about the split. Perry, who was playing a festival show in Germany with his bandmates, added, "We had a couple of meetings with Marty, and it just didn't feel... meshed, you know. We've done a lot of great videos with Marty and I hope we can do some more with him. We've had a long relationship, with him and I hope that it continues." [700k QuickTime]

Callner, who joined the band onstage at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards to accept a "Best Group Video" prize for "Cryin," shot 13 videos for the band since their remarkable comeback with 1989's

"Pump" album.

But now Callner claims that the band and its manager breached an oral contract to have him shoot "Hole In My Soul," which is the second video from Aerosmith's latest album "9 Lives."

Callner says he'd already started work on the video when he was fired. The band says he never had a real contract, but Callner says he and Aerosmith had always had oral contracts in the past.

The "Hole In My Soul" video ["Hole In My Soul" Video, 700k QuickTime] ended up shot by another veteran director, Andy Morahan, and it premiered Monday on MTV.

By the way, Callner also did not direct the first video from "9 Lives," for the song "Fallin' In Love Is Hard On The Knees." Directing duties on that clip went to Michael Bay, the big screen action guru behind the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence movie "Bad Boys" and the Nicolas Cage/Sean Connery film "The Rock."