Talk Show Influenced By Aerosmith Chums

August 25 [14:00 EDT] -- Talk Show are three-quarters of the Stone Temple Pilots, but more than one reviewer hearing advances of the band's new album has also compared them to Aerosmith.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Talk Show/STP bassist Robert DeLeo co-wrote three songs with the veteran rockers for consideration on their latest album, "Nine Lives."

New York fans may also recall that Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler appeared on stage with STP at Madison Square Garden, ripping through versions of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" and "Lick & a Promise."

STP first met Aerosmith in 1994 when STP requested tickets and passes to Aerosmith's L.A. show -- they had grown up on Aerosmith music, they told reporters. DeLeo clicked particularly well with guitarist Joe Perry and the two kept in touch. DeLeo visited Perry at his home the following year, and then last year, DeLeo joined Aerosmith in Miami for an extended writing stint. Those sessions produced three

songs that were considered for the album, but they missed the cut along with a dozen others--Aerosmith had gone into the studio with 23 some-odd tunes.

Talk Show was born from all the free time generated by STP singer Scott Weiland's substance abuse problems. Robert DeLeo, guitarist Dean DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz began working with former Ten Inch Men singer Dave Coutts soon after meeting Coutts two-and-a-half years ago during one of STP's many stagnant periods. When the Stone Temple Pilots recorded Tiny Music: Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop in 1996 and almost a year later had only managed only a short tour with Weiland, the band went into the studio with Coutts, emerging as Talk Show.

Talk Show's self-titled debut is out on Atlantic September 2.