Aerosmith Bare-Knuckled Bio Lives Up To Promises

September 18 [16:00 EDT] -- Aerosmith's autobiography, titled "Walk This Way," has just been published, and it offers a seamy stroll down memory lane.

As we first reported earlier this month, the band wrote the book, a definite must for those interested in the rotten underbelly of rock and roll, with author Steven Davis, who also penned the definitive Led Zeppelin bio "Hammer of the Gods."

"Walk This Way" lives up to its promise to span the group's entire history from the early garage band years to global success, and includes extremely candid contributions from friends, lovers, and significant others.

No dirty linen is unaired in the bio, from the story behind Liv Tyler's deliberately obscured parentage to the band's acrimonious break-up with its longtime manager Tim Collins. The drug and booze-induced insanity that finally led to all the members of the band getting sober over a decade ago is neatly summed up in the

subtitle to the chapter headed "The Wonder Years" where frontman Steven Tyler writes, "We call them the 'Wonder Years' because we wonder what happened to them."

The members of Aerosmith will be at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York City next Monday to sign copies of the biography.

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