Aerosmith Eyed For "Get Shorty" Sequel

The band may turn up in the hard cover sequel to "Get Shorty," the next novel by author Elmore Leonard. The upcoming book, "Be Cool," will revisit "Get Shorty"'s gangster-turned-film-producer protagonist, Chili Palmer (played in the film version of the novel by John Travolta), who will try his hand at the music business.

Leonard has reportedly been attending concerts and interviewing bands as research for "Be Cool," and he recently hooked up with Aerosmith when they passed through his home town of Detroit.

It may be two or three years before "Be Cool" is actually published.

In addition to the big screen version of "Get Shorty," Leonard recently saw his "Rum Punch" adapted by Quentin Tarantino for the director's latest effort, "Jackie Brown." Among the other Leonard works that have hit the big screen are "Last Stand At Saber River," "Cat Chaser," "52 Pick-Up," and "Stick."