Aerosmith U.S. Tour Ends On Off Note

Aerosmith has ended their current North American tour with a fizzle instead of a bang.

Ticketmaster reports that the band's last show on this leg of the tour, scheduled for Dayton, Ohio, Wednesday night was cancelled at the last minute due to an unspecified ailment affecting singer Steven Tyler.

The band will now be starting their break a day earlier than planned. They head to Japan for a two week tour starting March 1. According to Ticketmaster, the group will try and make up the missed date when they return from overseas.

Meanwhile, the band's show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 5, saw rocker Ted Nugent sit in for a rendition of "Walk The Dog." According to the Aerosmith website, Tyler and Joe Perry were planning on spending time at Nugent's Michigan home studio jamming and possibly doing a little hunting in his private game reserve.

No word on whether the trio actually managed to get out and bag any Bambi's.