AC/DC Claims Spanish Street, Ponders Tour

If AC/DC planned to take over the world with their latest hard rock offering, the band can now lay claim to at least one small chunk of Spain.

Reuters reports that the Spanish city of Madrid has named a street after the veteran rock band, who recently landed their "Stiff Upper Lip" in the "Billboard" top ten. The group's Malcolm and Angus Young were reported on hand as Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Perez unveiled a new street sign devoted to the band at a ceremony on Wednesday. The street is reportedly in the Legames area of Madrid, a section town well known to rock fans.

AC/DC plans to build on its empire with a world tour behind "Stiff Upper Lip," but has yet to line up an itinerary. A spokesperson for the band's record label, Elektra Records, told MTV News that the group is currently working on lining up a tour that would likely see AC/DC hitting the U.S. this summer and that such an outing has yet to be confirmed. Elektra noted that details of an AC/DC tour most likely

won't be available until mid-April.

When the band finally returns to the road, fans can expect more of the larger-than-life spectacle that they've come to expect from AC/DC. "We always try to think of something, that has to do with the song or the theme of the show, like the bell for 'Hells Bells,' the cannon for 'For Those About To Rock,' for 'Ballbreaker,' the big wrecking ball," frontman Brian Johnson told MTV News of the band's approach to touring. "It always has something to do with [the tour], but I doubt we'd ever put something in just for the sake of it. This time, we'll obviously try to do something concerning the whole aspect of the album or it's a song that we're featuring."

"I think we try to get a balance," guitarist Angus Young added. "For us, the most important thing is the music side of it, but we always try. We know that the people like to see some visual things too. We'll try to find something good for the eyes, you know."

"A couple of strippers," Johnson

interjected. "Just kidding."

Once official word comes on an AC/DC tour, we'll pass it along.