Reel Big Fish Plays Surprise Show, Takes On A-Ha

Reel Big Fish played a surprise show last Wednesday night at the Troubadour in Los Angeles and debuted a handful of new songs, including "Everything Is Cool," "I Wish I Were Dead" and "Scott's a Dork."

But aside from performing material off of their current CD, "Turn the Radio Off," Reel Big Fish never considers a show complete without playing an assortment of covers, including A-Ha's "Take on Me," a number the band, with tongue firmly in cheek, claims to have repatriated from the '80s Norwegian group.

"Actually Tavis," joked Scott Klopienstein to MTV Radio Network, "Our second trumpet player, [article id="1437944"]he actually wrote the song years and years ago and through something political lost all publishing rights to those Norwegian guys in A-Ha through some international incident that we can't comment about because it's still in courts." [130k Audio][/article]

"C'mon, man, you think some Norwegian

band could write a song that good?" inquired vocalist and guitarist Aaron Barrett, rationalizing his bandmate's tall tale. "That's a great old American pop song." [130k Audio]

Reel Big Fish plans to start work on their next album in May.