Reel Big Fish Plays Surprise Show, Takes On A-Ha

Reel Big Fish played a surprise show last Wednesday night at the Troubadour in Los Angeles and debuted a handful of new songs, including "Everything Is Cool," "I Wish I Were Dead" and "Scott's a Dork."

But aside from performing material off of their current CD, "Turn the Radio Off," Reel Big Fish never considers a show complete without playing an assortment of covers, including A-Ha's "Take on Me," a number the band, with tongue firmly in cheek, claims to have repatriated from the '80s Norwegian group.

"Actually Tavis," joked Scott Klopienstein to MTV Radio Network, "Our second trumpet player, he actually wrote the song years and years ago and through something political lost all publishing rights to those Norwegian guys in A-Ha through some international incident that we can't comment about because it's still in courts." [130k Audio]

"C'mon, man, you think some Norwegian

band could write a song that good?" inquired vocalist and guitarist Aaron Barrett, rationalizing his bandmate's tall tale. "That's a great old American pop song." [130k Audio]

Reel Big Fish plans to start work on their next album in May.