Eminem, Wife Reconcile

Couple whose rocky relationship is fodder for rapper's music have abandoned plans to divorce.

Eminem and his wife, Kim Mathers, are getting back together.

The couple — whose tumultuous relationship is a constant theme in the Detroit rapper's music — have abandoned their plans to divorce, Kim Mathers' lawyers said Thursday (December 14).

Eminem (born Marshall Mathers) and his wife signed an agreement to dismiss their divorce claims on Wednesday, and plan to live together in their Michigan home with their daughter, according to a statement from lawyers.

"Mrs. Mathers is pleased that she and her husband have been able to set their differences aside, particularly for the sake of their daughter, Hailie Jade," the lawyers wrote in their statement. "Kim strongly believes that it is best for Hailie to be raised in a two-parent home."

Eminem's spokesperson and his lawyers did not immediately return calls for comment at press time.

The rapper filed for divorce in August, and his wife responded a week later by filing suit against Eminem for a share of the couple's joint marital estate. She also demanded an additional $10 million in damages, claiming that Eminem's lyrics about their personal life constituted intentional infliction of emotional distress. The couple settled that lawsuit later that month, agreeing at the time to give Kim Mathers custody of their daughter.

In June, Eminem allegedly argued with his wife outside a bar in Warren, Michigan, after he saw her kiss another man. That incident, in which Eminem is alleged to have struck the man with a gun, led to weapons and assault charges against the rapper.

Eminem has frequently addressed the couple's on-again, off-again relationship, and the anger it apparently sparks, in his lyrics. The rapper's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde," from his The Slim Shady LP, fantasized about disposing of Kim's body after slitting her throat, and his song "Kim," from The Marshall Mathers LP, imagines an argument between the two that leads to her murder.

Most recently, Eminem addressed this year's events — including a July suicide attempt by Kim Mathers — in his guest rap on "Don't Approach Me," a track from Xzibit's just-released new album, Restless.

"Every day I wake up, another drama/ It's a wonder I'm alive surviving this karma/ If I can hold onto my private life for five minutes longer I might get my wife to let go with this knife," he raps. "Just got in a feud in some parking lot with a dude over Kim and she just slit both of her wrists over this sh--."