Backstreet Boy Contributes Solo Song To Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the independent film "Olive Juice," set to debut in February, will feature a solo track from Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, who makes a cameo appearance in the film along with bandmate A.J. McLean.

Littrell sings the "Olive Juice" title song, which he co-wrote, and the Backstreet Boys offered up "The Perfect Fan," from their multiplatinum Millennium, for the soundtrack.

The movie, a romantic comedy with a pet shop as a backdrop, stars Littrell's wife, Leighanne Wallace. Littrell has a bit part as a horse-drawn carriage driver, and McLean makes an appearance as a DJ in the movie, shot in Orlando, Florida, late last year.

"Olive Juice" will make its public premiere February 2, also in Orlando, and will likely make a short run through Florida before being released on video, according to producer Nick Karvounis, hopefully by Valentine's Day.

Judith Owen, a British singer/songwriter signed to producer Glen Ballard's (Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews Band) Java label, contributes two songs to the soundtrack. Actor Joe Pesci also sings a track, a swing number called "How Do You Like Me So Far."

It's not clear whether the soundtrack will see a CD release at this point, but Karvounis said it might be released through Littrell and Wallace's own company, Brileigh Productions.

"Olive Juice" also stars Lil' Tyk Thomas, one of Littrell and Wallace's two Chihuahuas, who made the news last July when they were stolen by fans from the couple's home near Atlanta (see "Backstreet Boy Littrell Falls Victim To Dognapping"). The dogs were recovered a few days later.