Our Lady Peace Gearing Up Spiritual Machines

Although Our Lady Peace are accustomed to selling out arenas in their native Canada, they're currently touring the country on a club tour, giving fans an early taste of their new album.

The Toronto band opened their two-week trek Friday with a 23-song, nearly two-hour set at Vancouver's 500-seat Sonar club. Our Lady Peace kicked off the show with selections from the new album, Spiritual Machines, before launching into their many hits.

"It was amazing — people could hear things, and the exchanging of sweat is a very positive thing," singer Raine Maida said of the Sonar club's intimacy.

Spiritual Machines is somewhat of a concept record, with the title and general themes based on the book "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence," by Ray Kurzweil, who also provides spoken-word dialogue on the album. The LP is due next week in Canada, but it won't hit U.S. stores until March 13.

Our Lady Peace will likely launch a similar club tour in the United States in February. "It's a good way to preview this album," Maida said. "It's a good way to reconnect with people."

The group will likely be back in Canada in the summer, although not with Summersault, the Our Lady Peace-organized semi-annual Canadian tour. Last summer's event featured the Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, the Deftones, Catherine Wheel and Eve 6.

"We're just going to do our own tour," Maida said.

The band has completed a video for the Canadian-market single "In Repair," with animation and art from 21-year old Oli Goldsmith, an artist they picked out of an international selection but who just happened to live in Toronto

"When we first talked to him," guitarist Mike Turner said, "he was already reading the book. It was amazing how it all came together."

The band has posted a 30-second clip of the video on its Web site, although a spokesperson for the band's U.S. label said the song "Life" will likely be the first track released to radio in the States.

In other news, Maida and wife Chantal Kreviazuk will star in the independent feature film "Century Hotel," written and directed by David Weaver and due out next year.

The couple appear in a sizable segment of the movie, which revolves around relationships in a hotel room at various time periods. Maida plays a reclusive, drugged out '60s musician seduced by a hotel maid, played by Kreviazuk, who steals his songs. The couple also composed a song for the soundtrack.