You Say It's Your Birthday: Les Claypool of Primus

Blowing out birthday candles today is Primus frontman Les Claypool, born 34

years ago today in Richmond, Calif. Primus are best known for single

handedly bringing prog-rock back from the dead in the early '90s, with

Claypool's frantic bass thwacking marking their signature sound. Claypool's

parents split when he was four and he ended up living with his mother,

who's continual listening to AM radio had a great influence on his eclectic

musical tastes. When Claypool entered junior high he tried his hand at

numerous instruments, including trumpet, clarinet and bass. Discovering

that he loved the rumbling sound of the bass inspired Claypool to stick

with it. Claypool met future Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett in high

school, a band he would fail to join years later after requesting at his

tryout that they jam on a few Isley Brothers tunes. Claypool also met Mark Biedermann in high school, a guitarist with whom he formed the

progressive-metal band Blind Illusion. It was during his stint in Blind

Illusion that Claypool became obsessed with Rush, frantically studying Geddy

Lee's fingering on the bass. Claypool also educated himself by learning to

read music and play upright bass when he joined the school jazz band.

Near the end of high school, Claypool began to gravitate more towards funk,

using Stanley Clarke's I Want To Play For Ya as an inspiration.

By 1984, Claypool joined together with guitarist and old friend Todd Huth

to form Primate. The band later changed its name to Primus because there

was already a band by that name. It was during the embryonic stage that die-hard fans would tell the group how great they were, to which Claypool would

reply "Nah, we suck." It soon caught on and fans started yelling "Primus

Sucks!" at concerts as a sign of affection. In late 1988, Todd Huth left

Primus and Claypool re-joined Blind Illusion, which now included future

Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde. Blind Illusion went on to cut a CD

entitled The Sane Asylum on Combat Records. Claypool convinced Larry LaLonde to fill the void left by Todd Huth and together they recruited

Primus' sixth drummer, Tim "Herb" Alexander. 1989's Suck on This was

recorded a mere month after LaLonde and Alexander became members and it

became a college radio hit thanks to the tireless promotional work of

Claypool and LaLonde. The trio used the profits from Suck On This

to record 1990's Fizzle Fry.

In 1991 the band signed with Interscope and released Sailing the Seas of Cheese, an album Primus promoted by touring with such acts as Anthrax, Public Enemy and U2. 1993's Pork Soda, the band's fourth release, hit #7 on Billboard in its first week of release. Later that year, Primus headlined the

Lollapalooza festival and Claypool lost hearing in his left ear due to a

diving accident . In 1994 he joined Huth and drummer Jay Lane for a side

project called Sausage. 1995 found Claypool restarting Primus and

releasing Tales From The Punchbowl. May of 1996 brought Claypool

and his wife Chaney the birth of their first son, Cage Oliver Claypool.

Later that year, Alexander and Primus parted ways due to creative

differences. Mere weeks after Alexander's departure, Les released his first

"solo" project, Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel's Presents: Highball

with the Devil. Earlier this year, Primus released The Brown

Album, featuring new drummer Brian "Brain" Mantia, and joined such

artists as Neil Young and Ben Folds Five on the H.O.R.D.E. (Horizons Of

Rock Developing Everywhere) Tour.

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