You Say It's Your Birthday: Moon Unit Zappa

Today is the 28th birthday of Moon Unit Zappa, the daughter of rock legend

Frank Zappa. She, along with her sister Diva and brothers Dweezil and Ahmet

Rodan, are the children of Frank and Gail Zappa, whom he married after

recording the classic Uncle Meat in late 1967. Moon is best known

for her vocals on daddy's only Top 40 hit, 1982's "Valley Girl," which was

recorded when she was 14. The song skewered the materialist culture of

children in the San Bernadino Valley city of Encino and, ironically enough,

served as a crib sheet for teens around the U.S. when it became hip to

speak as if one were from the Valley. Moon also contributed vocals to

Frank's "You Are What You Is" and "Them Or Us." Frank Zappa died of cancer

at age 52 on Dec. 4, 1993. Moon left her recording career behind for a stab

at acting and has appeared on numerous TV shows such as Roseanne,

Wild Palms and Murder One as well as in such films as Spirit

Of '76, Behind The Seams and National Lampoon's European Vacation.

Other birthdays: Jimmy Bo Horne, 48; Paul Murgress (10cc), 47 and

Jennifer Rush, 37.