Jane's Addiction Put Finishing Touches On New Recording

Drummer Stephen Perkins says you can really 'move your ass' to 'So What?'

Last night, shortly after leaving the recording studio, drummer Stephen Perkins described the two new Jane's Addiction songs as "the

soundtrack of the future." But he also noted that the future will not include

any more contributions from Jane's; according to Perkins, the group's recording

plans end with the Kettle Whistle album (November).

On Wednesday, the drummer was busy in a Los Angeles studio mixing one of

the final tracks for that album, a newly recorded song written several

years back called "So What?" Speaking by phone after the session,

Perkins called the song "modern as hell."

"It's got a sound that pushes with energy, but at the same time has a

melody of course. You know, the world of techno and the world of rock are

not very well married. What I think the trick is here, is we're using the

pulse and vibration of what we're hearing nowadays at a good party, and

we're taking that with what we learned and what we know so well from Jimi

Hendrix and all the great rock acts."

Along with the title song, "So What?" will be the second newly recorded

track to grace Kettle Whistle, which will otherwise be filled by

live cuts, outtakes and demos. The reunited Jane's Addiction --

Farrell, Perkins, guitarist Dave Navarro and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist

Flea, on loan to the band in place of original member Eric Avery, who

preferred not to participate -- will begin its month-long "I-Itz M'My Party" tour on Oct. 30 in New York.

Perkins said that the members of Jane's Addiction could work together

again, perhaps as early as next year when he and Farrell begin recording

the third album for their post-Jane's band, Porno for Pyros.

He cautioned, however, that fans should not expect another new Jane's album

to follow Kettle Whistle. "Me and Perry like to have an alumnae of

players, so Flea and Dave are welcome to come down and play on our record.

There might be something like that, but we don't see a full-fledged Jane's

Addiction record (of new material) at all coming along."

Of the reunited band's two new songs, Perkins described "So What?" as the

more athletic number, while "Kettle Whistle" is a more sexually structured

track. "It's slow and it creeps, it breathes, and then it climaxes and

comes back down, and climaxes again," the drummer said. "It's got a slow

pace at first and it takes its time, like a good sexual experience. 'So

What?' -- that one'll hit you on the head."

With its amalgam of organic rock and computer technology, Perkins said "So

What?" is more akin to the song "Hard Charger," the de facto Jane's reunion

track by Porno for Pyros with Navarro and Flea that appeared on the soundtrack to Howard

Stern's Private Parts. "People listen and hear and apply

communication through computers all day, so you have to take

acknowledgment of that and put it into your music. Not just for the sake

of it, but because it makes sense to you. Because you're used to it, and

you want to hear that new music."

According to Perkins, the time is right for Jane's Addiction to push the

envelope of where music can go, just as it did in 1990 with the dance-rock

single "Been Caught Stealing."

"The new Jane's Addiction music, and the new Porno for Pyros music that me

and Perry have been working on, is the soundtrack for the future. I'm all

for Rage Against the Machine and all the bands that are rocking today, but

there's a step past that. To take that rocking element and take the

elements of technology. Perry has a lot to say and he's got some beautiful

melodies. So wouldn't you love to hear a great dance tune that really pumps?

"You can't dance to the Smashing Pumpkins. But you can move your ass to

'Caught Stealing.' We like to move our asses, the guys in Jane's

Addiction. So what are we gonna do now to move our asses? This is what we

came up with." [Thurs., Sept. 25,

1997, 9 a.m. PDT]