News Flash: Bad Religion Working On Next LP

Though he's not ready to reveal any song titles or details on the music, Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin said he is pleased with the progress he and his bandmates are making on the group's next album, which is slated for a February release.

"It's really going great," said Graffin, who declined to offer any insight on the sound of the LP.

The righteous political punks originally from Southern California have been busy recording their 10th album at a New York studio. Graffin expects 12 to 15 songs to make it on the as-yet-untitled disc. He added that the band is about midway through the production process. He declined to reveal any song titles for the self-produced work. "I think I will hold off on that," he said.

While in America the new album will serve as a follow-up to the band's 1996 release The Gray Race, in the rest of the world it comes on the heels of

Tested, the 27-track live album Bad Religion released earlier this year, which included several previously unreleased tracks and versions of songs from 60 shows in Europe and America in 1996.

Fans who can't wait until February to hear Graffin's next batch of rants

will be able to pick up his first solo disc, called American Lesion

in November. Graffin finished recording his album in August. -- Chris Nelson [Mon., Sept. 22, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]

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