You Say It's Your Birthday: Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman was born 55 years ago today in Boston,

Mass. Iron Butterfly was formed in 1966 and quickly started playing the

L.A. club circuit. They had a record contract by 1967 and Dorman joined them

after the recording of their debut, 1968's Heavy. The album, an

implosion of psychedelic pop-rock, hit #8 on the charts mainly thanks to

the group's opening up for the Doors and Jefferson Airplane on their

national tours. Iron Butterfly recorded the psychedelic classic

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in 1969 and stardom soon followed, thanks to the

title track. The album was Atlantic's biggest seller to date and stayed

on the charts for 140 weeks, 81 of them in the top 10.

At the time, Iron Butterfly was considered one of the biggest rock bands on

the scene. 1969's Ball went gold, but subsequent releases from the

acid rock pioneers wouldn't be as successful. They were the only band

scheduled to play Woodstock that refused to perform due to the fact that

the producers couldn't meet their demands. The band went through numerous

personnel changes in the early '70s, with birthday boy Dorman hanging tough

through all of them. Iron Butterfly played a "farewell concert" on May 23,

1971. This, of course, didn't stop the band from reforming four years

later and again in 1993. These days, the boys of Iron Butterfly can

occasionally be seen playing state fairs and psychedelic revival shows.

Other birthdays: Cannonball Adderly, 69 and Jimmy Gilmer (Fireballs), 57.