Like Father, Like Daughters

Buck White and his daughters Sharon and Cheryl have been delivering their beautiful family harmonies for almost three decades. The Whites' particular blending of gospel, country and bluegrass has stood them well, and they're widely admired for their musical honesty and integrity.

On Lifetime in the Making, with the help of bluegrass icon Jerry Douglas as producer, White and his daughters have put together what is essentially a distillation of the many influences they've absorbed, the music they're preserving, and the new music they continue to make and sing.

Emmylou Harris helps create some truly ethereal harmonies on "Fair and Tender Ladies" (RealAudio excerpt), an old Maybelle Carter song that's lesser-known but no less lovely than her more well-known tunes. The elder White's instrumental composition, "Old Man Baker" (RealAudio excerpt), is a tribute to Kenny Baker, one of country music's most legendary fiddlers.

Also included here are gospel songs, some Texas story songs, and — to bring things right up to date — Jim Lauderdale's modern country love song, "I Miss Who I Was (With You)" (RealAudio excerpt).