Product G&B Say They Were Attacked

R&B duo tell N.Y. newspapers that club's bouncers manhandled them and that police failed to help.

The R&B duo Product G&B said in two New York newspapers Wednesday (Aug. 16) that they were attacked by bouncers outside a nightclub early Sunday, alleging that police stood by and did nothing.

The duo, Sincere (born Marvin L. Moore-Hough) and Money Harm (born David McRae), said they were at Club Hollywood in New Rochelle, N.Y., early Sunday morning when they got into an altercation with bouncers who tried to prevent a friend from entering the club because he was holding a bottle of champagne.

"The bouncers told my friend to get away from the door," Sincere told the New York Post. "They started arguing, and when my friend turned away, the bouncer punched him in the face. We all ran downstairs, and one of the bouncers grabbed me and threw me outside."

Sincere said people were wielding bats and knives and yelling racist remarks at him. Money Harm told the New York Daily News that club security pulled out aluminum bats and chains.

Club Hollywood's manager, who goes by the name Sammy Z., was unavailable for comment.

Money Harm went on to say that police stood by and watched and that he and his partner tried to press assault charges but officers would not take their statements, according to the Daily News.

"If they said they had been assaulted, police would have made an arrest right then and there," New Rochelle Police Capt. Kevin Kealy said, adding that neither musician's name appears anywhere in the police report of the incident.

He said officers responded to a call from Club Hollywood at 1:35 a.m. Sunday and found a "widespread altercation involving many people." Kealy said officers arrested five men and would have arrested more had there been more police on the scene. All were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Kealy said his department's internal affairs office, which would handle any allegations of police misconduct, has received "a few" complaints, but he wasn't sure if Sincere and Money Harm were among those who filed complaints. Internal affairs detectives did not return phone calls Wednesday.

Sincere and the duo's lawyer also did not return phone calls Wednesday.

Product G&B found fame — and a Grammy — with their appearance on Santana's smash single "Maria, Maria" (RealAudio excerpt), from last year's Supernatural.