All You Need (To Get It On)

Will Downing is first and foremost a song stylist, which is why this outing is so disappointing. Dude's got his jazz thang goin' on, and now he comes with this R&B set that, well, could have used a whole lot more of his jazz sensibility. Damn shame.

To wit: The intro, "It's On" (RealAudio excerpt), is the kind of vocal workout, complete with percussive vocalization, that we've come to expect from Downing. It's full of vocal gymnastics, sure, but they're the kind that move the heart as well as impress the ears. The title track (RealAudio excerpt), though — like most of what's here — is a flaccid, Quiet Storm-style slow jam that might serve its late-night purpose but no better than any other generic soul groove.

And while you might expect a duet with Chanté Moore to produce some vocal fireworks, the end result of "When You Need Me" (RealAudio excerpt) is more of the same, as is the rest of the album. This might be all the album you need when the candles are lit and the wine is flowing, but you're gonna need a whole lot more when the morning comes.