Salt-N-Pepa's Salt Plans Solo Debut

With trio's projects on hold, she expects to release Salt of the Earth late next year on her own label.

MTV News Online

With group projects from hip-hop trio Salt-n-Pepa on hold, Cheryl "Salt" James has announced plans for her first solo album, Salt of the Earth, which will be released on her own GavFam record label.

"For a long time I've wanted to take more control in my career as an artist and as a businesswoman," James said in a statement. "Starting my own record label is a key part of making this vision a reality, and the label's name reflects the themes that are most important to me.

" 'Gav' comes from Gavin, the name of my husband and the father of our two children. 'Fam' comes from the word family because my family is always going to be my top priority. ... It's really what I'm all about."

The record will mark her first new material since Salt-n-Pepa cut four new tracks for a best-of album that has been released overseas but has not yet been scheduled for release in the United States.

Salt of the Earth tentatively is due late next year.

— David Basham