Bachelor Party

The second album by Seattle's Nevada Bachelors, Hello Jupiter, is everything one might want from an indie-pop album. It's jangly, it's goofy, it's well-produced and a lot of it sounds like latter-era Beatles.

On Hello Jupiter, producer Martin Feveyear presides over the band, which includes Robb Benson and Mike Squires on guitar and vocals, Ben Brunn on bass and Jason Finn (a veteran of Presidents of the USA and Love Battery) on drums. Feveyear's experience twisting knobs for the likes of Screaming Trees and Modest Mouse seems to have come in handy — this second release is quite radio-ready.

The most rocking track here, "No Reason" (RealAudio excerpt), also starts the show, with the boys kicking out their most earnest attempt at Big Rock. Partnered with "woo hoo!" backing vocals and slashing power chords, the lyrics are semi-snotty, but still fun: "So, is this a sign?/ When the record skips and the DJs whine/ So, is this the rhyme/ Or is this the reason?"

And so it goes for another 12 tracks. Nothing is safe, including bad haircuts and big-shot record labels. Tacked on as a half-track at the end of the closing "Mitzi and Darius" (RealAudio excerpt), the sarcastic ballad "Matador" (targeted at the hallowed indie label) seems to say it all: "No, I don't think we're cool enough for you/ No, we're too radio-friendly."

It's the Bachelors' pre-emptive strike at any cries of selling out, even though one gets the impression they'd like nothing more. The earnest, wry vocals (while a little too Lennon-esque at times) and snappy playing still make this a tasty pop treat.