Getaway People, Moby Top New Rock Releases

John Doe, 764-HERO also offer new LPs in heavy week for independents.

A greatest-hits collection from Moby and the Getaway People's second album top the list of new rock releases coming out Tuesday.

The Norwegian quintet Getaway People, who have resided in New Jersey since 1998, conceived the music for Turnpike Diaries while touring with such bands as Barenaked Ladies and No Doubt.

"Six Pacs" (RealAudio excerpt), a song with bluesy guitars and upbeat hip-hop loops, will be the theme song for "Young Americans," a new television series to begin on the WB network later this month.

"[The song] is practically an ode to the road and the people we'd hang out with on tour," said lead singer Christian "Boots" Ottestat.

Also hitting stores Tuesday is Mobysongs. The collection covers the electronic musician's years with Elektra Records and includes such songs as "Go," from 1997's I Like To Score, "Feeling So Real" (RealAudio excerpt) from 1995's Everything Is Wrong, and the 1997 single "James Bond Theme."

Six-piece rock band The Urge will release Too Much Stereo, their follow-up to 1998's Master of Styles. Highlighted by trombone and saxophone blasts, the eclectic band's songs blend ska, funk and rock influences.

Independent rockers the John Doe Thing, Future Bible Heroes, Les Savy Fav and 764-HERO all will release new material as well.

The John Doe Thing, a project of X singer/bassist John Doe, will release Freedom Is ... , with contributions from Wallflowers guitarist Mike Ward, Tom Waits collaborator Smokey Hormel and Beastie Boys contributor Money Mark. The 14 songs on the sophomore album range from the sedate flow of "Catch Me," to the more aggressive sounds of "Too Many Goddamn Bands."

Magnetic Fields leader Stephin Merritt embarks on his own side project with Future Bible Heroes, in which he works with Christopher Ewen. I'm Lonely (And I Love It), a five-song EP, is their third release together, following 1997's Memories of Love.

Seattle's 764-HERO offer Weekends of Sound, their follow-up to 1998's Get Here and Stay. The trio, who have also created several split singles with Modest Mouse, continue their style of building from moody lows to energetic highs on their third full-length album.

Arty rock band Les Savy Fav, now with a four-member lineup, will release ROME (written upside down), a five-song EP of energetic, sometimes dissonant pop-rock.

Also releasing albums Tuesday are J Church, with One Mississippi; Soul-Junk, with 1956; Lefty, with 4 3 2 1; and the Yo-Yo's, with Uppers and Downers.