Alone And Loving It

Kina's eponymous debut is a refreshing and exciting bravura performance that displays equal parts lyrical depth, musical innovation and vocal potency.

Fueled by the first single, "Girl From the Gutter" (RealAudio excerpt) — a poignant reminder that success is the best revenge — the ex-Brownstone member's first solo flight soars with beauty, honesty and courage.

"I Love You" (RealAudio excerpt) is a wildly passionate love song with a frilly hook tucked inside simmering rock rhythms and lush orchestral arrangements. "Have a Cry" is a pensive plea for a moment to nurse emotional wounds ("Is it alright if I cry/ Without no positive speeches/ Don't need no lessons on God/ He knows I'm human and I got weakness."). Kina's usual powerful, unrestrained vocals are tamer on the thoughtful and tender "Give and Take" (RealAudio excerpt). Singing just above a whisper, she lovingly negotiates with her mate: "Put me before you, and I'll put you before me."

From "Me," a feel-good anthem of self-love to the rock-soaked "Stop" to the melancholy "Still Here," Kina is an album that offers lessons in healing relationships with ourselves and others. Lyrically, Kina takes us back to places where we have all been in our hearts and minds. Vocally, she entertains and excites. Brownstone's loss is most definitely our gain.