Gloria Trevi's Ex-Manager Addresses Charges In Televised Interview

Sergio Andrade admits having sex with underage backup singer and fathering child with Trevi, the "Mexican Madonna."

In the latest development in the Escándalo Trevi, Sergio Andrade admitted he had sex with Gloria Trevi backup singer Karina Yapor when she was 13 and that the son she abandoned (without his knowledge, he said) in a Spanish home for orphans likely was his.

Andrade, the former manager and producer of Trevi, the popular singer known as the "Mexican Madonna," has been incarcerated in Brasilia, Brazil, since Jan. 13. He is awaiting extradition to Mexico, along with Trevi and backup singer Mary Boquitas, to face multiple charges of kidnapping, corruption of minors and sexual abuse.

In an interview from jail, broadcast Tuesday night in the United States on the Univisión TV newsmagazine "Primer Impacto: Edición Nocturna" and repeated the following day in Mexico, Andrade also revealed that he had fathered a son by Trevi but that the baby had died at 30 days old.

But Andrade denied he had assembled a harem of young girls to grant him sexual favors, as had long been charged by Yapor's parents and now by Yapor herself.

"I am not a good person, but neither do I want to be equated with a monster," Andrade said. "Never was it my intention to form a sect; I'm not Rasputin, I'm not the Mad Monk, I'm a sensible being who also likes beauty." He also said that Trevi "is like a friend, sister, daughter, companion and lover."

Yapor, who had been a member of a Trevi fan club called "Zapatos Viejos" (Old Shoes), after one of her hit songs (RealAudio excerpt), joined the alleged Trevi/Andrade "clan" at age 12 after, her parents claimed, they were exhorted by Trevi to give Yapor up to them to further her musical training.

Yapor's parents accuse Andrade of gathering young girls in order to maintain sexual relations with them, the Associated Press reported.

"If one of us is announcing that to the police or if we are discovered, [Andrade] said that he would commit suicide with any of the girls that might want to do that with him," the AP quoted Yapor as saying. "Given our blind submission to him, no one said that she would not do that."