The Glories Of Suffering

Joanie Keller's debut for Broken Bow shows her to be an emotional singer in the tradition of Tammy Wynette — a very good tradition to be in.

With a catch in her voice, she alternately scolds and fusses over the love object in her life: "I Didn't Make This Bed For You To Lie In" (RealAudio excerpt) (written by the great singer/songwriter Melba Montgomery, with Dak Alley and Cathy Louvin) is typical of her brand of country. Her current single, "Grindin' Wheel" (RealAudio excerpt), is the type of boastful love/lust song that not every singer can get away with, but Keller does — just. She shines on the power ballad "I Quit Givin' Up on You," with her trembling voice perfectly suited to the song. Keller co-wrote the sad shuffle "Almost Over Me" (RealAudio excerpt) and one other song here.

Her spunky, vulnerable voice shows tremendous potential.