Breakin' Down The Borders

The tracks Layo Paskin and Matthew "Bushwacka!" B have packed into this debut full-length LP rest at an exotic intersection of the Dance Metropolis. The corner of Tribal Tech-House Terrace and Chilled-Out Breakbeat Boulevard is the spot Low Life calls home. Splashed out in sampledelic wonder and made hazier by jazzy grooves from around the globe, the album is a rare breed, suitable for main-floor meltdowns and early-morning comedowns.

As veterans of London's dance scene — they're partly responsible for mega-club The End's party-rocking fusion of house, techno, breakbeat and leftfield grooves — Layo and Bushwacka! have witnessed the establishment of genre borders. With Low Life they're working to erase them in a single beat-centric swirl.

"Deep South" (RealAudio excerpt), a recent club hit, is a low-riding bit of hip-hoppy house that's like a sticky summertime journey through a land of swamps and magnolia trees. "Kusekhaya" (RealAudio excerpt), with its rain-stick effects, drums of passion and female African choir rollicking to the backbeat, is a get-down in the shadows of Kilimanjaro. "Ear Candy" (RealAudio excerpt) is a focused ambient tech-house sensation whose streaking keyboards incite body movin', even as the half-time bassline keeps body heat at a slow simmer. This is a righteous revenge by — and for — the eclectics.