A Respectful, Respectable Take On Vivaldi

Those who find classical music radio pleasant and soothing will undoubtedly enjoy this collection of Vivaldi from Europa Galante. The ensemble, led by violinist (and occasionally, violist) Fabio Biondi, offers a tidy gathering of seven of the Baroque master's respected concertos and performs each with spirit and musical aplomb.

While it is difficult to maintain that La tempesta di mare (RealAudio excerpt) resonates like the fury of the sea, the group is cohesive in its period interpretation and the concerto for two cellos is quite pleasing.

While it is possible to detect some inconsistent intonation in the strings, the group as a whole produces a full and effective sound. Europa Galante are hardly presenting arresting new takes on Vivaldi, but they display a fine sense of commitment and integrity in their treatment of these masterworks.