You Say It's Your Birthday: Van Morrison

Today is the birthday of singer Van Morrison, who was born in Belfast,

Northern Ireland 52 years ago. Known for his combination of Irish bardic

spirit and deep soul voice, Van Morrison has been hailed as a master

songwriter for at least three decades. As a lad, Morrison was surrounded by

music; his mother sang in jazz groups while his father collected blues and

jazz records. He quit school at 15 to serve as saxophonist for the Monarchs,

an R&B group that toured Europe. Later he formed Them, a popular group

which became the house band in Morrison's own Belfast club at the Maritime

Hotel. Them released albums -- like 1965's Them and Them

Again -- which saw singles hit the British Top 10.

Them disbanded in 1966, but reformed without Morrison soon after. Morrison,

sick of corporate music manipulativeness, formed his own Bang Records and

recorded singles of his own, including "Brown Eyed Girl." He toured, fueled

by the success of his first American hit, and then recorded his first

full-length album, 1968's Astral Weeks. Moondance followed in

1970, including hits like the title track, "Into the Mystic" and "Caravan."

This early period also included landmark albums like Tupelo Honey and

Hard Nose The Highway. After Morrison's divorce from wife Janet

Planet, he went on a recording hiatus from 1974 to 1977.

With the success of subsequent albums Wavelength (1978) and Into

the Music (1979), Morrison's continued stage fright -- and resulting

temper -- made him a difficult act to book. In 1982's Beautiful

Vision he paid homage to many blues legends, including Leadbelly and

Blind Lemon Jefferson. Through the 1980's, Morrison's albums were

increasingly literate, drawing inspiration from favorites like William

Blake. His most recent work continues to honor bluesmen; The Healing

Game, released earlier this year, is based on inspiration gleaned from

John Lee Hooker's work.

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