Duo Record Soundtrack To Nonexistent Film

Brian Reitzell and Roger Manning Jr. create songs for an imaginary sequel to 'Logan's Run.'

Synthesizer visionaries Brian Reitzell and Roger Manning Jr. took an innovative approach to Logan's Sanctuary: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, an eclectic album combining equal parts

COLOR="#003163">Emerson Lake & Palmer and Kraftwerk.

Despite its unique nature, the music on Logan's Sanctuary — a "soundtrack" to an imaginary sequel to "Logan's Run" — was not the challenge of the project, Reitzell said. "I had to write an entire movie before we began," he explained. "We had to come up with scenes and images that fit together. It's a bizarre way to work."

Reitzell, who spent seven years drumming for the power-pop band Redd Kross, recently worked as music supervisor on Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides." He also recorded the film's acclaimed score with Air and is in the studio working on the French duo's next album.

Manning is a founding member of Jellyfish and a touring keyboardist with Beck. He has remixed songs for Air, Jamiroquai and Shonen Knife.

The Logan's Sanctuary project is actually the second in a series of imaginary-film "soundtracks" from Emperor Norton Records, which released the "soundtrack" to the phony blaxploitation flick "Soul Ecstasy" last year. Steve Pross, head of the label, came up with the idea as a way to give musicians a creative boundary to write songs within.

"It's a nice starting point," Reitzell said. "When I did 'The Virgin Suicides' score with Air, we were working off of images, which is really helpful in trying to write a song. We just have to come up with images first."

Reitzell spent several months writing the plot for the imaginary movie "Logan's Sanctuary," which picks up where "Logan's Run" left off but finds central character Logan getting sick and a new hero, Ian, saving the day. In one scene, several prisoners are forced to play a game similar to Duck Duck Goose, except "if you're tapped you get

disintegrated," Reitzell said.

The music for the scene, titled "The Game," is a simple but elegant mixture of keyboards and twangy beats. "Originally it was called 'Jerry Lewis in Space' because it sounded so corny," Reitzell said.

Reitzell has yet to convert his "Logan's Sanctuary" story into script format, though the legend of Logan may well see the silver screen anyway. "The funny thing is, the record company announced it to everyone, and a week later the Hollywood Reporter said there was a remake of 'Logan's Run' in the works," Reitzell said. "I'm sort of interested in going to those people and saying, 'Here's our demo.' "

Reitzell and Manning also are working on a trio project (with Jason Falkner) tentatively titled Spaz, for which they are recording futuristic synthesizer music using only electronic instruments created before 1980. "We wrote the entire record in two days, but it came out of us so quickly," Reitzell said of the Spaz project. "There's a bit of a theme. It's kind of a Gang of Four/Tubeway Army combo."