Pop Beat: *NSync, Travis, Corrs ...

Boy band to sing national anthem; Brit-poppers borrow chords from Oasis.

*NSync will have a day full of

sports on July 29, when they sing the national anthem at the Jayson

Williams Celebrity Softball Challenge in Newark, N.J. In return, the New Jersey Nets forward will be one of the commentators at the boy band's Challenge for the Children II basketball game that evening in New York. ...

Travis frontman Fran Healy told an interviewer Tuesday night on BBC London Live that he used the chords from Oasis' "Wonderwall" on a song from last year's The Man Who. He said he wrote "Writing to Reach You" (RealAudio excerpt) after listening to rock radio, and the lyrics include the line, "The radio is playing all the usual/ And what's a wonderwall anyway." ...

Irish pop band the Corrs will

release their new album, In Blue, in the United States on Sept.

19. The record, featuring the single "Breathless," will be released

internationally July 14. ... Self Timer, the movie production company

run by R.E.M. singer

COLOR="#003163">Michael Stipe, has entered a three-year

agreement with United Artists, a division of MGM, according to

Variety. Self Timer is the parent company of Single Cell

Pictures, which produced last year's "Being John Malkovich," and

C-Hundred Film, which produced "American Movie." ...

Kid Rock will appear in "The

Adventures of Joe Dirt," a comedy scheduled for release next year,

according to Atlantic Records. The movie stars David Spade, as well as

Roseanne Barr, Gary Busey and Joe Don Baker. ... A woman found guilty of

stalking Guns N' Roses singer

Axl Rose was sentenced Monday (June

19) to a year in jail, according to the Associated Press. Karen

McNeil, 39, violated a 1997 court order in May when she tried to enter

Rose's Malibu, Calif., property. ...

COLOR="#003163">*NSync will test their skills on the

basketball court at Challenge for the Children II, a July 29 children's

charity event at St. John's University in New York, according to

Ethiopia Habtermariam, publicist for the event. NBA stars Kobe Bryant,

Isiah Thomas and Chris Webber, who played last year, have been invited

back to this year's fund-raiser, Habtermariam said. ...

Stone Temple Pilots singer

COLOR="#003163">Scott Weiland has recorded about 10 songs

that may land on another solo album someday, but it won't be anytime

soon. "I've sort of stockpiled them ... but I don't see [a solo record]

as anything that's in the near future because all my musical energy is

focused on STP," the singer said recently. Weiland released his solo

debut, 12 Bar Blues, in 1998, while STP were on hiatus. ...

President Bill Clinton played saxophone onstage with singers

COLOR="#003163">Billy Joel and Brian

McKnight at a "Save the Music" event Friday (June 16) at

Joseph Lanzetta School in East Harlem, N.Y., according to the White

House. "I might not have been president if it hadn't been for school

music," Clinton said afterward. ... Pop-rockers

COLOR="#003163">Fastball will release "You're an Ocean" as

the first single from their upcoming third album, The Harsh Light of

Day (Sept. 19), according to their Hollywood Records publicist. The

track listing for the album, which follows their 1998 breakthrough,

All the Pain Money Can Buy, is: "This Is Not My Life," "You're an

Ocean," "Goodbye," "Love Is Expensive and Free," "Vampires," "Wind Me

Up," "Morning Star," "Time," "Dark Street," "Funny How It Fades Away,"

"Don't Give Up On Me" and "Whatever Gets You On." ...

Paying heed to urban legend, Capitol Records and the Turner Classic

Movies cable TV channel will simulcast psychedelic-rock veterans

Pink Floyd's 1973 album Dark Side

of the Moon with an airing of the classic film "The Wizard of Oz."

Rumors that the album was recorded to synchronize with the film —

charges that members of Pink Floyd have repeatedly denied — have

circulated widely, fueled by several apparently coincidental moments

when the music and lyrics on the record eerily reflect the scene

onscreen. The simulcast, set for 11 p.m. EDT July 3, will use an SAP

audio channel, normally used for descriptive video programming for the

visually impaired, to broadcast Dark Side of the Moon. Viewers

without SAP can press the CD play button at the MGM lion's third roar.

... Singer/actress Grace Jones is

planning to release her first studio album since 1993 later this year,

according to a Wednesday (June 14) announcement from MCY.com, a German

media company that will produce the album and distribute it on- and

offline. ... Christian music singer Michael

English, 38, gave himself up to the police on Friday (June

16), three days after his indictment on drug charges, according to the

Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. The singer, who is free after

posting a $2,500 bond, faces 12 counts of illegally obtaining the drug

hydrocodone, a prescription sedative similar to codeine. ...

— sonicnet.com staff report