Carl Cox Touring Briefly, Releasing Album In July

Mixed Live was recorded using several microphones strategically placed in Chicago's Crobar nightclub.

The eminent DJ Carl Cox will perform

a short string of dates next month before the mix album he recorded live

at a recent Chicago show is released July 25.

Mixed Live, the first installment of a new series by Moonshine

Records, was recorded using several microphones strategically placed in

the Crobar nightclub.

"I've put many CDs out there with great DJs, but you can't create the

atmosphere in a club," Cox said recently. "So we [recorded] it totally

live with the crowd behind it."

Mixed Live features 22 house anthems, including

COLOR="#003163">Timo Maas' "Notrance,"

COLOR="#003163">Smith & Selway's "Cosmopolitan" and

COLOR="#003163">Mark Williams' "Altered States."

Meanwhile, Cox has stepped in as the spokesperson for a new UK dance

magazine called eJay, which includes a CD-ROM equipped with a

16-track PC home studio and 1,000 dance and house tracks available for


The eJay software enables people to make their own tracks by

cutting, pasting and re-editing. It also includes an effects studio with

time stretching, sound groups and a groove generator.

Cox, 38, has long been considered one of the best — if not the best

— DJs in the world. He is particularly revered for his ability to

handle three turntables simultaneously.

Cox released Phuture 2000 (


19092_0101_00_0002.ra&submit=PLAY">RealAudio excerpt of title

track) last year and made his feature film acting debut in May

with "Human Traffic," which he described as the UK version of "Go."

Carl Cox tour dates:

July 13; Boston, Mass.; Axis

July 14; New York, N.Y.; Twilo

July 15; Atlanta, Ga.; Studio Central

July 16; Gainesville, Fla.; Simon's

July 19; Dallas, Texas; Red Jacket

July 20; Denver, Colo.; TBA

July 21; Vancouver, British Columbia; TBA

July 22; San Jose, Calif.; Cyberfest 2000 at Santa Clara Fairgrounds