Cosmic Disco Dub

Whether or not England's Idjut Boys ever boogied to Larry Levan at New

York's legendary Paradise Garage back in the day, their new mix-CD,

Saturday Nite Live, drips with the percussive, cosmic disco dubs that Larry might have banged out during one of his fabled DJ marathons. The Idjuts' set is classic 4 a.m. territory: Swaths of spacey washes, reverb and echo swirl all over the disc's 14 tracks. Like Levan, the Idjuts — Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell — don't strive for technical perfection as DJs; they'd rather focus on the creation of a heady vibe, by regularly shifting tempos and adding elements such as tribal rhythms and disco bass lines to their deep-house sound.

The cover art of Saturday Nite Live's sunset hues and mod lettering scream '70s retro, but the irony of the Idjuts' mix is that virtually every track is from the last few years. The Boys' selection resembles their eclectic 1998 debut, Life — The Shoeing You Deserve, spanning classic redubs such as Goody Goody's "It Looks Like Love," (RealAudio excerpt) Afrobeat-influenced tribal tracks such as Isolee's "Beau Mot Plage" (RealAudio excerpt ) and MC Sultan's "Der Bauch," and driving techno, from Swede Aril Brikha's "Groove La Chord" (RealAudio excerpt). The pick of the mix comes early, as Francois Kevorkian (himself a disco veteran) turns Femi Kuti's "Sorry Sorry" (RealAudio excerpt) into a stomping anthem that soars into an expansive chorus of African voices. Essential for disco futurists who like their boogie without the cheese on top.