Hold On, Here's Another LP

A greatest-hits album from a group that released only two albums over the course of its two-year history (from '90 to '92)? Once you get past that puzzle, you'll be able to appreciate this collection as a solid document of Wilson Phillips' remarkable vocal talents.

Sure, their songs are all pop love ballads, with professional but forgettable studio-hack musicianship, but the real stars here are the harmonies of these three women, who've been singing together since they were children. Perhaps their talent was inevitable, with the star parentage of Brian Wilson (for Carnie and Wendy Wilson), and John and Michelle Phillips (for Chynna Phillips).

The collection contains their biggest numbers — "Hold On" (RealAudio excerpt), "Release Me," "Impulsive" (RealAudio excerpt), "You're in Love" (RealAudio excerpt) and "The Dream Is Still Alive," all of which charted at #12 or higher — along with a few live selections. Also included are an interview clip, Chynna Phillips' minor hit "Naked and Sacred" and two songs by the Wilson sisters. These individual works, while palatable, don't pack the same punch as Wilson Phillips.

The group even manages a halfway decent cover of "Hotel California." A live cut, it's perkily introduced by one of the gals chirping: "This is a song by the Eagles, and it was a major, major inspiration to Wilson Phillips! And here it is!" Undoctored (we hope) by studio wizardry, the song shows how each voice sounds thin on its own, but becomes ever so powerful when joined into three-part harmony.