Moby, Jungle Brothers On Senseless Soundtrack

Producers recruit electronica's Moby and Crystal Method to give modern feel to urban flick.

In assembling the Senseless soundtrack, the album's producers had

orders to piece together a score that wed the flick's urban flavor with a '90s


The resulting compilation does just that, securing electronica artists Moby,

Crystal Method and Fat Boy Slim, who sidle alongside hip-hoppers Freak

Brothers and horror-core rap act Gravediggaz.

The New York-based duo Freak Brothers contributed the track "Do You Wanna

Freak" (RealAudio excerpt) that will also make an appearance on their

upcoming debut album, Afros, Spaceships and Freaks. Nosaj, a.k.a.

Jason Furlow, 27, of the Freak Brothers said he got the idea for the lyrics

to the song while sitting at home listening to Erykah Badu with a deflated


"One day I was sitting up in the crib listening to the Erykah Badu live

album and there's this one part where she says 'pick your afro daddy,' and

I happened to look in the mirror and my shit was flat," said Nosaj, explaining

how he wrote the song "Do You Wanna Freak." "And I just hit it like, 'R2D2,

pick out your afro/it's flat on one side/put the speaker to my ear,' it was

like the

shit was talking to me."

The track features a speaker-straining bass and a steady drum-beat underneath Nosaj's vocals and the omnipresent chorus of "Do You Wanna

Freak." "It's like a day in the life of this kid with the afro. He loses his

pick, now he steps in the club, and everybody's asking him if he's down,"

Nosaj said. "It's got that funk vibe, that real-hard, get-your-attention


Neil Robertson, senior director of A&R at Gee Street Records, helped

amass the soundtrack's 12 songs. Among the many efforts featured on the

release, he said the track from the Jungle Brothers most closely blended

the musical elements that the producers hoped to bring to the soundtrack of the

sci-fi comedy flick.

"The Jungle Brothers song "Jungle Brother (True Blue) (Aphrodite Mix)"

(RealAudio excerpt) epitomizes the album; true drum & bass with hip-hop,"

Robertson said. "It's a great representation of the spirit of what we were

trying to achieve."

The complete track-listing reads: "Gotta Be...Movin' On Up" by Prince Be

featuring Ky-Mani, "Unexplained" by Gravediggaz, "Jungle Brother (True Blue)

(Aphrodite Mix)" by Jungle Brothers, "Spacefunk" by Headrillaz, "Song For

Lindy" by Fat Boy Slim, "Referendum (Edit)" by Fluke, electronica act

Crystal Method with "Busy Child," Yankee B. with "Mucho Dinero," Moby with

"Graciosa," Freak Brothers' "Do You Wanna Freak," Ambersunshower with "Look

Around My Window" and new-age soul artist P.M. Dawn

with "Perfect For You."

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