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Follow Usher's every move for the entire month of June, only here on Posted.

Usher Music Videos

From his newest single "Climax" to "OMG," to "U Remind Me" and "Without You," all of Usher's greatest hits are here.

Usher Hopes 'Scream' Is "Life Changing"

"I always think about that song that will be able to let you out of that slump," 'Looking 4 Myself' singer said on his MTV First.

Usher on Facebook

Usher drops sweaty, hot live performance pictures on the FB.

Watch: Usher's 'Climax'

In his latest sexy single, Usher takes you to an ascending "Climax."

Usher Live

Check out clips of "U Remind Me," and "You Don't Have To Call."

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