A Day To Remember: Posted

Follow the band for the entire month of November as they criss-cross the country on tour.

A Day To Remember Visit The Zoo

The boys check out red pandas, koalas and a two-dimensional cheetah while on tour in Melbourne, Australia.

See ADTR's Fans Save The Show

When the power cuts out during the band's set in Switzerland, the crowd keeps the show going. Watch!

ADTR Performs 'Have Faith In Me' On Our Rooftop

A Day To Remember strips down for a thoughtful, unplugged Buzzworthy performance.

Check Out A Day To Remember Photos

See the guys cut loose for our exclusive MTV photo shoot.

Watch A Day To Remember Music Videos

Don't miss the kickball hilarity of 'I'm Made Of Wax, Larry...,' Ron Jeremy's cameo in 'The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle' and more.

Download ADTR Ringtones

Snag 'Have Faith In Me' and other hits straight to your phone.

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