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More than 100 of your favorite artists — everyone from Kanye West and Snoop to Fall Out Boy and Smashing Pumpkins — united across seven continents in an effort to inspire millions of people to combat global warming. MTV was there every step of the way.

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  1. Wish you'd been there? Want to see it again? Witness Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Madonna, Kenna and more as they perform across seven continents to help fight the climate crisis.

  2. Find out the 12 simple steps you can take to improve your life and protect our planet.

  1. Delivering the goods straight to you — check out on-location reports from Tim Kash and other MTV correspondents.

  2. We live blogged the concert! Read what people had to say about it and the cause. We also want to hear from you. Send us your pics, vids and reviews!

  1. Get all 77 climate crisis solutions at

  2. Want to act now? Answer the call by finding ways you can help stop the climate crisis.

If you were at any of the mega concerts, don't keep it a secret — send us your reports, memories, pics, videos and more for MTV's brand-spanking-new You R Here blog . There's loads more coverage — including on-location reports, videos and much more — on MTV will also hook you up with tips on how you can take matters into your own hands and protect the planet by making wiser eco-choices, going paperless and more.

There's no better time than now to starting answering the call by making a commitment and taking action to help stop the climate crisis.