Looks like you're having trouble with your download. Follow the steps below to make sure your computer is set up to play MTV.com downloads.

Windows Media Player now available for Macs.

 Click here for more info.

You will need to have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed to play WMA files. Download the player software now at www.microsoft.com.

If you're unsure about which player you have then follow these instructions to check your player version.

Open Windows Media Player and select the "About Windows Media Player" in the Help menu. The window that pops open will have a version number of your player. MTV.com downloads will work in Windows Media Player 7 or better.

Once you have the correct player installed, just Open your Windows Media Player and then select Open... from the File menu.

Browse to the WMA file you already downloaded, select it and click the Open button.

The first time you play and MTV.com WMA file you may get a couple of windows telling you the software is obtaining a license. Just click Yes. Your download should start playing now.