Featured Artists

  1. London duo La Roux's singles have been topping the U.K. charts throughout 2009. Listen to the infectious electropop of 'Bulletproof' and you'll understand why. With singer Elly Jackson's highly stylized look and keyboardist Ben Langmaid's catchy synth lines La Roux are sure to keep climbing their way up the charts.

  1. This self taught musician's career began when she started webcasting videos from her bedroom in Vero Beach, Florida. After appearing on MTV's 'Say What? Karaoke,' hits on her YouTube and MySpace pages went through the roof. With an album, 'Jukebox,' due out on Capital Records it seems the one-time bedroom performer is now bound for stardom.

  1. This four-piece rock band hails from Melbourne, Australia. They started getting attention in the States after playing the 'South By South West.' Shortly after they were signed to Glassnote Records in the U.S. and released their debut album 'Conditions.' The band made further waves when their music was featured in the indie hit film, '(500) Days of Summer,' and surely this is just the beginning.

  1. Multi-instrumentalist and rapper, P.O.S. started out playing in punk bands then injected that high energy and d.i.y. ethos forward into his rap career. As a founding member of the Minneapolis hip-hop collective, Doomtree, he has stayed true to his hometown scene. His fusion of musical styles and intelligent rhymes have earned him a loyal fan base that's growing in numbers.

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  1. MTV Tr3s Descubre and Download is the place to discover what's new in Latin music. From pop Latino and rock en espańol, to bachata and reggaeton, MTV Tr3s has the hook-up for today's freshest Latin tunes, completely GRATIS.

  2. Discover & Download has the habit of breaking out the hottest new acts and we've made sure to document every one of them with an MTV.com exclusive interview. Check out the entire back catalog now!


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Past Artists

  1. 15-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber was a YouTube sensation and then Usher came along, took him under his wings and gave him flight.

  2. 17-years-old, teen rocker, Just Kait has already provided the theme to MTV’s Parental Control and her “Sick” new single is catching on like something fierce.

  3. Seattle Emo pop/rockers This Providence formed in 2003 while still in high school. They graduated 2004 and now they’re signed to Fall Out Boy's Fueled by Ramen record label and touring with Paramore. Call ‘em valedictorian rockers.

  4. Splitting the difference between Shania Twain's twangy pop and Christina Aguilera's R&B acrobatics, vocalist Jessie James made her debut with "Blues Jeans," a song that featured prominently in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic.

  5. Friendly Fires started as a high school hardcore band. So much has changed. The British visionaries are reinventing indie electronica, single by single, threatening to set off an international dance craze crisis with monster jams like 'Paris.' Download 'Skeleton Boy' and get the Friendly Fires fever.

  6. K'NAAN, whose name is Somali for traveler and whose latest album is called 'Troubador,' has crossed more than one ocean to blow up in the States. But his lyrics are the big story, not his childhood. Listen for 'I'm transcending/ I'm crowd surfing/ I can’t see the time burning/ I'm not hurting' in the free download of 'Dreamer.'

  7. Ida Maria has synesthesia, a neurological condition that causes her to see colors whenever she hears music. Amazing. She also has 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked,' a punk-ass single that causes pretty much the whole world to freak out whenever it plays. Get it free, right here.

  8. Asher Roth once told Vibe Magazine that his first CD was Dave Matthews Band's 'Crash.' 'That is how suburban I am,' he said. But it hasn't stopped him from establishing himself as a driving hip-hop force with one solid gold mixtape after another! Get wise to Asher Roth.

  9. People may have called them fools when they passed on a record deal with Kanye West, but these Harvard boys were holding out for Star Trak. With a little help from The Neptunes, Chester French are gearing up to own the summer with their sexy electro-soul. Get a piece for free, right here!

  10. Keep this straight: The Maine are from Tempe, Arizona. You may know this pop punk quintent that spent the summer on the Vans Warped Tour by their cover of Akon's 'I Wanna Love You,' or by their own breakout hit, 'Everything I Ask.' Meet the band and grab a free mp3 on 'Discover & Download!'

  11. R. City take that melodic Coldplay/Kanye rap vibe to the next level with their dramatic dancehall riddims. Out of Atlanta via the Virgin Islands, R. City blend hip-hop, pop, soul and reggae into something all their own. Hear their story and download one of their summery jams for free, only here!

  12. Reggie and Ali Youngblood, Owen Holmes, Kevin Snow and Dawn Watley are from Jacksonville, Florida and they are Black Kids. Well, that's the name of their band. Listen as they rev up the sounds of the '80s with spastic indie rock energy when you download one of their mp3s for free.

  13. Contemporary R&B rising star Jazmine Sullivan spent several years learning the ropes of the recording industry before signing to J Records and making her solo recording debut in 2008 with "Need U Bad."

  14. Hard-rocking Tallahassee hit-makers Mayday Parade are spending their summer spreading expertly layered vocals and crunchy guitar lines across North America on the Vans Warped Tour. Haven't heard of them yet? Prepare for a forceful takeover!

  15. Liverpudlian smart aleck indie-punk upstarts The Wombats do a lot of screwing around, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take their sarcastic hits seriously. "Moving To New York" and "Let's Dance To Joy Division" have already conquered the UK, and now they're coming for YOU.

  16. After huge success writing songs for Mary J. Blige, Ciara and others, Keri Hilson steps into the ring as a solo act and lights it up on her first try. The 25-year-old Atlanta native's fiery R&B has already made her the talk of the soul, pop, hip-hop and indie worlds, and she's just getting started!

  17. 'Gutta' rhymer Ace Hood is the latest pop in FLA's hip-hop chain explosion. The cash-hungry former football star forced his mixtapes into the hands of DJ Khaled, and the rest is history.

  18. British indie-pop duo The Ting Tings already own the UK with their feisty pop stomps. Now they've got their eyes on the States and nothing's gonna stand in their way.

  19. The coffee-shop circuit took Carolina Liar's Chad Wolf from Stockholm to Los Angeles and, finally, to a record deal at a major label. The trials of that long road are audible in every snarling lick of his poppy darkside rock.

  20. Lush, emotionally heightened rock soundscapes that sweep and swerve are what took the Myriad from Seattle, to MTV2, to the most-played track list on your iPod.

  21. They're not from Tokyo nor do they enforce the law, but the Canadian indie rockers' stripped-down power-pop songs are so catchy it's practically criminal.

  22. The Welsh-born, velvet-voiced chanteuse was born decades too late for the Motown originals but not too late to usher in a whole new era of soul sirens.

  23. The Compton rapper's hotter than July, and his breakthrough hit, 'Coconut Juice,' with Travis McCoy, has more buzz than a swarm of bees.

  24. This new-school hip-hop duo gives off a sophisticated vibe that suggests they spend as much time in mahogany-walled libraries as they do in the recording studio.

  25. If you know the ATL's D4L, then you know Shawty Lo. Skipping out on the group to go solo, he made his mark fast with "Dey Know," which made him the toast of the Southern hip-hop world.

  26. From winning the U.K.'s televised talent competition The X-Factor to taking over the world. Why? Incredible vocal prowess capped with striking beauty and sweet personality to match both.

  27. They're not Japanese; they're German and they rock hard. Their first English-language album -- songs culled from their first two German-language sets -- took Europe by storm and their wave is crashing onto U.S. shores with force.

  28. Barely out of high school, this pop-punk foursome from Maryland wants nothing more than to rock your world and move on, leaving you bobbing your head and wanting more.

  29. Their name references the Florida middle school where they met. Their music has been heard in episodes of One Tree Hill, Newport Harbor and The Hills. And they're destined to be the darlings of the 2008 Warped Tour.

  30. Is the indie rock band that set the blogs abuzz built to last? The preppy Columbia University grads' angular sound, which slyly references African pop music, got the nod from the influential set and have begun winning over the masses.

  31. This Florida son rolls with the likes of Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and Trick Daddy. After "Low" blew him up into hip-hop's next big thing, he continued to deliver the goods on his debut solo album, Mail on Sunday.

  32. This trio -- MC Divine, Elan and Yeyo -- mixes R&B, hip-hop and Latin pop into a fused creation that pops. Celebrating their Latino heritage is key, but so is making bodies move.

  33. This indie rock band started as the work of Nick Thomas, but over the course of four albums has evolved into something more. While Thomas still leads the charge, the once volatile lineup has settled in to reveal something special.

  34. A longtime compatriot of Cam'ron and a Diplomats/Dipset co-founder, Jim Jones used to be all business and background. That changed when the Harlem-born MC took the spotlight for himself in 2004. Since then, he's built an undeniable name for himself in hip-hop.

  35. Just because she defines cheeky U.K. pop doesn't mean that Lily Allen is some sort of flash-in-the-pan. She's got the songwriting chops and a sweet, bratty performance style that's addictive.

  36. It's hard not to fall for the sultry blue-eyed neo-soul that streams from Robin Thicke. He's dreamy, saucy and sophisticated. What more could you want?

  37. If there's a perfect mix of R&B, hip-hop, rock and funk, it is Gym Class Heroes. Witty, yet often socially conscious lyrics from MC Travis "Schleprok" McCoy over deft live instrumentation and nods to old school pop rock produce soaring results.

  38. Her personal life is a mess, but her vocal talents are unquestionable. A throwback to the girl groups of the 1960s and the strong female vocalists of yore, Amy is a petite soul powerhouse, a diamond that prefers to stay somewhat in the rough.

  39. With catchy songs, enthusiastic vocals and ripping guitars set to a driving beat, what's not to like about Boston's Boys Like Girls? See, that's exactly our point. All-in-all, they're likeable and that's pretty swell.

  40. Led by the teensy, fire-haired Hayley Williams, Paramore's power pop punk passion turned the Warped Tour on its ear several years running as they won over crowd after crowd. Now they're stars and deserve every minute of it.

  41. From his prowess with a turntable to his far-better-than-average abilities as a producer, he's a sought-after collaborator by those across the musical spectrum (Amy Winehouse, Sean Paul and Rhymefest, just to name a few). He's also a notable artist in his own right who knows his way around a song.