Stocky, officious American actor Guy Usher made a spectacular film debut in The Penguin Pool Murder (1932), playing the drowned victim of the titular crime. Many of Usher's subsequent roles required a great deal of fluster and bluster: As land-developer Harry Payne Bosterly in It's a Gift (1934), he dismissed W.C. Fields by bellowing, "You're drunk!," whereupon Fields put him in his place by responding, "And you're crazy. But tomorrow I'll be sober, and you'll always be crazy." Usher also appeared as D.A. Hamilton Burger in the 1934 Perry Mason adaptation The Case of the Black Cat. In the late '30s-early '40s, Guy Usher was a mainstay at Monogram Pictures, again specializing in murder victims. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi