Before becoming a respected broadcaster, able to report on sports and hard news with equal skill, Robin Roberts balanced a hugely successful collegiate basketball career while doing well enough in classes to graduate cum laude from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1983. Out of college, she began working at television stations in her native Louisiana, eventually moving to larger and larger markets until she landed a spot as a regular on-air personality at ESPN in 1990. In addition to hosting the network's flagship news program, SportsCenter, Roberts contributed her talents to pro football and women's basketball segments. In 1995, she filled in on ABC's morning news show, Good Morning America, eventually being named one of the show's three anchors a decade later. Her duties there included conducting celebrity interviews and reporting firsthand on a number of major news stories, including the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (a story of very personal significance for her), the Iraq War, and Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi