Charlotte, NC, native Jessica Stroup graduated to acting by way of fashion modeling (much of it print-oriented); a veteran of Edge Management and Los Angeles' Osbrink Agency, Stroup did advertisements for such brands as Velveeta, Honda, and Dentine (whose executives promptly enlisted her as the "Dentine Ice Girl") and struck a memorably alluring pose in Glamour magazine. From such heights, it was only a short leap to the big screen and to telemovies; as an ingenue, Stroup followed the path of many an ascendant actress by eking out a screen presence in grisly fright-fests. Early projects included Pray for Morning (2006), The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007), and Prom Night (2008). She was cast in the 90210 reboot in 2008 and the next year she appeared in the thriller Homecoming. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi