Pretty, blonde-haired British actress Eliza Bennett broke into entertainment at the age of nine, with an 18-month turn on the London stage in the Sherman-Sams musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then quickly moved into features -- achieving a steady output of film roles by mid-adolescence. During her early years, she specialized largely, though not exclusively, in science fiction and fantasy, a somewhat ironic fact given her reportedly limited off-camera interest in those genres. Her cinematic work commenced with a supporting turn as Princess Arabella in Martha Coolidge's lighthearted romantic comedy The Prince & Me. After that, Bennett appeared in such projects as the big-screen fantasy comedy Nanny McPhee (2005), the disaster-themed sci-fi telemovie Supernova (2005), the family-oriented time travel fantasy From Time to Time (2009), and the Iain Softley-directed literary fantasy Inkheart (2009), for which she took on a lead role. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi